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Virtual Resources

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve emphasized and lived by our #1 priority: keeping our Girl Scouts, their families, our employees, and our volunteers safe. Now we are at a point where, with caution and care, we can resume some of our valued in-person Girl Scout activities starting in August, following all volunteer guidance and city, county, and state guidelines for your area.

It is important to remember we are girl-led, and allow each volunteer and family to determine the level of participation that they are comfortable with. For any troops who choose to resume in-person activities, please continue to offer alternative ways for girls to connect. Here are some virtual tools and tips to lead from your troop from home!

Conflict Management Packet

With a girl-led experience, there is an endless amount of choices and sometimes that may end in resolving conflicts. Differences in opinion—whether it be between volunteers, parent/troop leader, or girl/girl. When a conflict does come up, effectively navigating through it allows better communication, new ideas, and results that will allow you to have a successful leadership experience. Use our Conflict Resolution Packet to help you navigate conflict in your troop! 

Girl Scouts at Home

In this unique time, we are offering our community Girl Scout activities from home! Whether it be badge work, simple activities, or even a song—we are committed to supporting our girls and their families. We will continue to update and add new activities each week!

Included in Girl Scouts at Home:

  • Badges girls can earn from home
  • Facebook Live Badge Workshops
  • Virtual Programs
  • Community service opportunities
  • Other resources
GSUSA Badge Explorer

As always, GSUSA's Badge Explorer is a great way to find badges you can work on with your troop. Simply put in your troop's level and/or what pillar you would like to work on! 

GSUSA Tips for Troop Leaders Live

Fellow troop leaders, council staff, and other experts provide real-world advice and ideas to inspire girls as they reach their full potential.

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Keeping Your Girl Scouts Calm

Rule number one when it comes to emergencies? Stay calm. But with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly around the globe—and everyone from news anchors to influencers on social media talking about worst case scenarios—stress and worry can seem downright contagious.

Basically, your girls could likely use a sense of calm in their life right about now, and you can help. Read the full article >>  

Volunteer Toolkit

Now is a great chance to utilize the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) if you haven't already. You can plan out your year or just a single meeting. The VTK also has specific activities and scripts that help your girls earn badges! 

Virtual Meeting Resources

Girl Scout activities can happen anywhere, including from your home! While we do not reccomend in-person meetings at this time, you can certainly meet virtually! There are many options—the most commonly used one being Zoom—but there are so many other ways to connect. You can use any of the resources below to help get you started or, as always, contact us

Getting Started with Virtual Meetings Guide

While in-person troop meeting are on hold, it doesn't mean your troop can't stay connected! If you and your girls are ready to try virtual meetings, check out the Getting Started with Virtual Meetings Guide.

Tips and Tricks for Virtual Meetings

We know it can be hard to transition from in-person troop meetings to virtual meetings. That's why GSUSA and Jen Quaranta came up with tips and tricks just for you to learn how to make virtual troop meetings work for you! 

Virtual Troop Meeting Guidelines

Safety of our adult, girl, and volunteer members is always our top priority. Check out the Safety Activity Checkpoints and the Virtual Troop Meeting Guidelines to help you keep your girls safe while meeting virtually! 

Zoom Meeting Safety Settings

Many Girl Scout troops and groups are unable to meet in person for a variety of reasons. While virtual meeting spaces are a great resource for Girl Scouts, it is important to know how to keep you are your girls safe in an online environment. There are many options for setting up virtual meetings. If you choose to use Zoom, your troop meetings must use the guidelines and settings found in the Zoom Meeting Safety Settings

Zoom Training

Need help learning how to use Zoom? We have a training of that! Just login to gsLearn and take our Zoom training to discover how to lead virtually! 


Stay connected with fellow volunteers on the Girl Scouts MO Heartland Volunteers Facebook Group!