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Fall Product Program

Each fall all Girl Scouts have the opportunity to fund amazing experiences by participating in the Fall Product Program. Through participating in Fall Product Program, girls not only start the year off right, but share great holiday gifts with family and friends! The 2020 Fall Product Program runs October 24 through November 20. Check out all the details below!

How Girls Participate

Here's how it works: 

  1. Girls create a M2 account
  2. Girls reach out to family and friends to take orders for tasty nuts, chocolates, and magazine subscriptions. Orders can be taken in person or online through the girls personalized online storefront.  
  3. In-person items are delivered to Service Unit Coordinators who will disperse them to troops and girls. Online orders are delivered right to the customer!
The 5 Skills

Being involved in the Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by ensuring girls are learning five important life skills:


Goal Setting


Decision Making


Money Management


People Skills


Business Ethics

COVID-19 Guidelines

Our most valuable resource is and always will be our people, including you our coordinators, and our girls, families, volunteers, and employees. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve emphasized and lived by our first priority: keeping our Girl Scouts, their families, our employees, and our volunteers safe.

In preparation of the Fall Product Program, we’ve assembled guidance surrounding COVID-19 and the Fall Product Program for you—our troop leaders and coordinators, as well as our participating families.

Contest for Sofi

This year’s Fall Product Program mascot is a three-toed sloth, and girls can take one home. Any girl who sells $55 of product or more through the online program will be entered to win a giant stuffed sloth plush! Selling online can be done a variety of ways like sending emails, sharing links on personal social media, and asking friends and family for support through the girl-delivered online option. A winner will be drawn on December 10, and notified by December 17.

Fall Product Program Dates

October 24: Fall Product Program Starts

November 6: 2% Option Forms Due to GSMH

November 16: Parents Can Enter Girl Order Card Orders

November 20: Fall Product Program Ends 

November 21: Troop Order Due

November 22: Service Unit Order Due

December 4-11: ACH Withdrawal from Troop Accounts

December 9: Service Unit Product Delivery

December 11: Last Troop Account ACH Withdrawal

February 3: Last Day to Resolve Recognition Shortages 

Forms and Resources

100% of funds generated from this program go toward helping local girls build important skills by providing activities and opportunities through Girl Scouting. The Fall Product Program is for family and friends only-those closest to Girl Scouting. Email us for more information.