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Girl Scouts Handcrafted

Let your voice be heard! Tell us what adventures you want to see in your area. By filling out a brief online form, your dream activity can become a reality! Girl Scouts has been and continues to be girl-led—and that’s exactly what these programs are! Girls, troops, and families can fill out the form to share an idea of an activity you would like to see in their area, choose from our already developed experiences or reach out to us to develop a one-of-a kind experience for you and your girls! 

Check out some of our ready to go experiences below. 

Everest Exploration!

Explore and learn about Mount Everest as you take a virtual adventure! Learn about the extraordinary women that have climbed this great mountain and gain confidence in dreaming of climbing it one day. Girls will gain a sense of the challenges that are faced while climbing Mount Everest while they climb towards their Snow or Climbing Adventure Badge.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

Sweet Science for Animals

Do you love our furry (or scaley) friends?! Examine how food and environmental needs for animals have evolved over time and discuss why some foods are harmful to animals, yet safe for humans. Learn the importance of Animal Science and see the STEM career opportunities it has to offer. Girls will be making a variety of sweet treats for animals that can be given to their own pets, donated to animal shelters, or simply placed outdoors for wildlife. Girls will work towards the Pets, Animal Habitats, Animal Helpers, Voice for Animals badges, and more.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

La Familia

Learn and celebrate those who love you! Every family has a story, what is yours? Dive into your family story and understand the people who have helped make you who they are. Let’s come together to share stories, memories, and histories. Work towards the My Family Story and Social Butterfly badges as you learn more about your own family – and your Girl Scout family as well!

Ready to go for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors.

SCAMPER Towards Action

Do your girls love giving back? Does your troop want to start a Take Action project but need help getting started? Learn about the ideation process of SCAMPER, work through ideas for Take Action projects, and leave with a solid plan for completion of Take Action projects! By the end of the program, girls should be able to confidently say, “Here’s the change I want to make, and this is how I will know I’ve succeeded."

Ready to go for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors.

Need to know more? Check out the details. 

How do you request a Girl Scouts Handcrafted experience?

Girl Scouts Handcrafted programs are held in person or on Zoom and are facilitated by a GSMH Program Specialist. Follow the steps below to request a Girl Scouts Handcrafted program today!

  1. You fill out and submit this short online form letting us know what experience you are looking for. You will indicate if you would like to be contacted by a Girl Scout professional to work out the details for this experience, or if you are just sharing ideas.

  2. (If contact is requested on form) A Program Specialist will reach out to you to collect the information needed to make this request a reality! They will work with you to develop curriculum, a budget and select a date for the experience. 

  3. (If requested not to be contacted) Your idea will be placed in our experience database to potentially be used for future GSMH experiences. 

Requests for virtual experiences must be submitted 10 business days prior to the earliest date intended. 

Requests for in-person experiences must be submitted 1 month prior to the earliest date intended. 

How many girls do you need for an experience?

There is a minimum requirement of 10 girls per experience. Don't have 10 girls? We can connect you with another small group or work with you to determine the best fit for your girls. 

How much do Girl Scouts Handcrafted experiences cost?

Programs will cost a minimum of $5 per girl per hour. Prices will vary based on type of program, materials, location, etc. Payments will be made after a Program Specialist has reached out to discuss your request and a date is confirmed.

We're here to help!

Financial Assistance is available for girls actively participating or new to Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland. To apply, please submit the online Program Financial Assistance Request. Once the approved amount is applied, you will be contacted before the registration deadline to pay the remaining cost.

What do you mean by “experience” and “activity?”

GSMH is able to provide an array of ways to bring Girl Scouting to you. Your request could be for an in-person program, a virtual-only program or a Girl Scouts Delivered program. 

Girl Scouts Delivered – where the event is held virtually, and supplies are mailed out to participants. 

Why Should You Fill Out This Form?

Filling out this form will allow us to know what activities are wanted by Girl Scouts in your area. Based on this information, we will be able to try our best to provide key experiences for you. 

When Should You Fill Out This Form?

Anytime! Whenever you or your Girl Scouts express interest or need for a specific topic or experience.

Who Should Fill Out This Form?

Any Girl Scout, Member or Volunteer. 

Do your girls dream up something different?

Reach out to us via the Girl Scouts Handcrafted Request Form to develop a special experience just for you and your girls!