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Girl Scouts Handcrafted

Let your voice be heard! Tell us what adventures you want to see in your area and turn your dream activity into a reality. Girl Scouts has been and continues to be girl-led—and that’s exactly what Girl Scouts Handcrafted experiences are! Girls or adult members can fill out the form to share an idea of an activity you would like to see in your area, choose from our already developed events, request guidance on completing specific badgework, or reach out to us to develop a one-of-a kind experience for you and your girls. 

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Ready to Go Experiences! 

Basic 8 Outdoor Skills - DBJCSA

The Girl Scout National Program is built on the concept of progression—acquiring the skills needed to progress to more difficult or highly-skilled activities. Learning the basic 8 outdoor skills will prepare a Girl Scout for day outings to traveling almost anywhere. The basic 8 outdoor skills include outdoor manners, dressing for the weather, knife safety, fire building, knots, outdoor cooking, first aid, and navigation while protecting our environment. This is a progressive event for every grade level. Each activity will build the basic 8 outdoor skills bracelet. For each skill, Girl Scouts will receive a bead or stone to add to their bracelet.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

Fairy Garden Day - DBJ

Enter our enchanted forest to the world of Fairies! At this event, girls will learn about the environments that fairies live in and how to help preserve those environments. They will discuss the importance of “leave no trace” and create a home for the Fairy of their choice! 

Ready to go for Daisy, Brownie, Junior.

Gear Up to Gold Gold - CSA

Get ready to gear up for the gold! Girl Scouts will learn what it means to become a Gold Award Girl Scout, enjoy a lock-in with friends, and work towards their Think Like an Engineer Journey. This event is perfect for girls who are interested in building relationships, prototypes, and their own self-confidence!

Ready to go for Cadette, Senior, Ambassador.

Girl Scouts for Climate Action - CSA

Real change starts with you! Experience an overnight learning how girls and women are impacted more by climate change and exploring how we can speak out and take action for a better world. Girls will enjoy activities such as, practicing being resourceful, making the Girl Scout Tree Promise, and learning the power of the media by creating a social media campaign.

Ready to go for Cadette, Senior, Ambassador.

Girl Scouts in Space - DBJ

Stars, space, and science—oh my! Transform into space scientists and get a chance to learn about the moon, planets, and stars as you work towards earning your Space Science badge! Girls will participate in hands-on activities, get to look through a telescope and learn about the wonders of the final frontier!

Ready to go for Daisy, Brownie, Junior.

Girl Scout Trackers - DBJ

Girls will journey into nature to learn to track animals by their footprints and behaviors in the wild. During this program, girls will also learn to identify bugs, poison ivy and even how to build a safe (edible) fire! We will discuss the importance of “leave no trace,” what it means and how we can all do our part. Daises will earn their Eco Learner Badge. Brownies will earn their Eco Friend Badge.

Ready to go for Daisy, Brownie, Junior.

Harry Potter Astronomy - DBJCSA

Learn about space and all the constellations with a Harry Potter Twist! Join us as we gather under the stars and discover the beauty and wonder of the galaxy, along with Harry Potter constellation folklore!  Girls will receive a stargazing booklet, use binoculars and telescopes to get an even closer look at the stars, and learn to make their own stargazer.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

Me Encanta, Girl Scouts! - DBJ

Inspired by the magic of Encanto, this one-of-a-kind celebration event will have Girl Scouts dancing, cooking, and honoring Hispanic and Latinx culture. Make the evening more magical by dressing up as your favorite character from Encanto! Girl Scouts will earn their Hispanic Heritage Month patch. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to dive into a new culture, while having fun!

Ready to go for Daisy, Brownie, Junior.

Sew Your Way to Space - DBJ

Learn that ordinary people can do extraordinary things! When NASA needed spacesuits for the Apollo mission, they relied on an ordinary girl with a big heart and a talent for sewing. Learn all about Eleanor Foraker, the seamstress responsible for making the Apollo spacesuits in only six weeks! Discover uncommon facts about spacesuits, the astronauts who wear them, and so much more. Girls will even try their hand at sewing their own helmets and designing a space boot fit for an astronaut!

Ready to go for Daisy, Brownie, Junior.

STEM Travelers - DBJCSA

Grab your passports, assemble your team, and join us for a night full of STEM exploration! Teams will put their engineering skills to the test as they travel around the world with STEM. Whether you team up with your family, Girl Scout troop, or friends—be prepared for a night full of engineering adventures, and even some competitive fun.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

STEM & Sweets Overnight - DBJCSA

What does STEM have to do with sweets? Find out with us at this overnight event! Girls will learn the sweet science behind candies that pop, fizz, crackle, and melt. They will turn sweets into stained glass, see what happens when candy meets ice, play life-sized Candy Land, and even send their taste buds around the world and see what candies other countries have to offer. Discover that candy sweetness can be turned into art, experiments, and so much more! Additional experiments ready-to-go.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

Trail Adventures - DBJCSA

Grab your daypack and head out on the trail! Learn the 10 essentials of a daypack, how to be aware of surrounding, why leaving no trace is so important, and what healthy snacks to bring on the trail. This is an introduction to hiking and backpacking. There will be a hike included in the event and all age levels will work towards the Trail Adventure badge.

Ready to go for all grade levels.

Zombie Survival - CSA

The undead have arrived—can you survive to save the world? By accepting this challenge, you will embark on an unforgettable adventure to learn and challenge yourself in basic outdoor survival skills. Activities include fire building, water purification, knot tying, knife safety and more!

Ready to go for Cadette, Senior, Ambassador.

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How does the request process work?

Girl Scouts Handcrafted experiences are held in person or on Zoom and are facilitated by a GSMH Experience Specialist. Follow the steps below to request a Girl Scouts Handcrafted experience today!

  1. Fill out and submit Girl Scouts Handcrafted Request Form letting us know what experience you are looking for. Indicate if you would like to be contacted by a Girl Scout professional to work out the details for this experience, or if you are just sharing ideas.

  2. If contact is requested, an Experience Specialist will reach out to you to collect the information needed to make this request a reality! They will work with you to develop curriculum, a budget, and select a date for the experience. 

  3. If requested not to be contacted, your idea will be placed in our experience database to potentially be used for future GSMH experiences. 

Requests for Girl Scouts Handcrafted experiences must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the requested event date.  

How many girls do you need for an experience?

There is a minimum requirement of 10 girls per event. Don't have 10 girls? We can connect you with another small group or work with you to determine the best fit for your girls. 

How much do Girl Scouts Handcrafted events cost?

Experiences will cost a minimum of $5 per girl per hour. Prices will vary based on type of program, materials, location, etc. Payments will be made after an Experience Specialist has reached out to discuss your request and a date is confirmed.

Financial Assistance is available for girls actively participating or new to Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland. To apply, please submit the online Program Financial Assistance Request. Once the approved amount is applied, you will be contacted before the registration deadline to pay the remaining cost.

Who Should Fill Out This Form? And When?

Any girl or adult member! Requests for Girl Scouts Handcrafted events must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the requested event date. 

Why Should You Fill Out This Form?

Filling out this form will allow us to know what activities are wanted by Girl Scouts in your area. Based on this information, we will be able to try our best to provide key experiences for you. 

Do your girls dream up something different?

Reach out to us via the Girl Scouts Handcrafted Request Form to develop a special experience just for you and your girls!