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For Cookie Sellers

When it comes to turning “no way” into “yes way,” Girl Scouts are the experts! So whatever challenges and adventures come your way this cookie season, there’s no doubt you, and Girl Scouts everywhere, will absolutely crush it.

Are you ready to unleash that unstoppable Girl Scout drive and ingenuity to make amazing things happen and reach your goals? Of course. You’ve got this!

Learn super useful life skills, gain a ton of confidence, and find out all that you’re capable of. And you know what? Selling cookies also means having new experiences, making great friends, and joining together to change the world.

Check out these great tools to help you reach your cookie sales goals, go on new adventures, and rock this season like never before.

Sample Social Media Post

We know it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why we have provided a sample social media post for your Girl Scout to launch her cookie business online!

Guidelines for Using Social Media

Girls should be involved in the process—for instance, she can share her goals, photos, or artwork, and messages of thanks. Remember, customers are getting more than delicious cookies—they are supporting the development of female business leaders! Make sure to also follow the guidelines below:

  • Personal emails or street addresses of girls should never be used online.
  • Girls 13+ older may use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter if they have caregiver permission and adult supervision.
  • Under no circumstances can girls or their parents sell or take money for the Girl Scout
  • Cookie Program through online sales sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and public buy & sell sites.
  • Social media ads or any type of paid advertisements should not be purchased or donated to promote a girl's individual cookie businesses.
Social Media Post

Use the post below to get started: 
My daughter NAME is selling Girl Scout Cookies this year to help reach her goal of attending summer camp! If you are interested in supporting NAME, please leave a comment with the best time to reach you and NAME will contact you.

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Make Girl Scout Cookie season a family affair!  Earning Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins makes spending time with family easy, fun, and even sweeter during cookie season. Start your collection today, and get ready to rock your Girl Scout pride all season long.

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

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