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Friendship, adventure, and making a difference—it all starts now.

Looking for a place where you belong? Somewhere you can make new friends and safely try new things? That place is Girl Scouts. Being a Girl Scout will bring your girl joy. We make it easy for your girl to connect with new friends, try new things, and go on new adventures. 

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Find a Girl Scout Troop Near You

Groups of Girl Scouts, called troops, are at the very center of Girl Scouting. And finding your troop is a big deal.

Why? Because these Girl Scouts and their families are going to become a circle of friendship like you’ve never had before. Your troop will support you no matter what—for everything you are today and all you can be tomorrow.

To get started, you’ll just need to provide some information—like your address, grade level, and parent’s or caregiver’s name. Once you’re done, you’ll get a list of troops that might be right for you. 

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A Video on How To Register Your Girl
Learn More About Volunteering

Whether you have kids, grandkids, or no kids of your own, you can have a front-row seat to the fun and community, too. You can give a few hours, a few weeks, or a few months—volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible and fun. Volunteer with Girl Scouts. You’ve got what it takes to change girls’ lives.

Join Girl Scouts as an Individual

Your girl doesn't have to be part of a troop to be a Girl Scout. Your girl can participate as a Juliette, which is how we describe self-directed Girl Scouts (also referred to as IRGs or individually registered girls).

Fun Fact: Juliettes were named after Juliette Gordon Low who founded our movement in 1912.

Juliettes have the power to build their very own Girl Scout experience by earning badges, selling Cookies, and attending council programs that appeal to their interests.

She can also participate in the Girl Scout tradition of community service through take action projects and earning the earning the highest awards.

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