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Girl Scout Week

Girl Scout Week is all about celebrating the past, present, and future of Girl Scouts. From where it all began in Savannah, Georgia, to your local communities—Girl Scouts show up for what they believe in, show off their Girl Scout pride, and reflect on our historic past. Starting on March 12 with Girl Scouts turning 111 and on March 18—check out all the activities you and your troop can participate in this year's Girl Scout Week below. 

Sunday, March 12 - Girl Scout Sunday

Girl Scout Sunday is a special day dedicated to thinking about your beliefs and how they’re reflected in the Girl Scout Law. This Girl Scout Sunday is extra special because it is our 111th Birthday! Celebrate by reflecting on your beliefs or take the day to learn about the beliefs of other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from around the world. How are they similar? How are they different?

Monday, March 13 - Make It Monday

Welcome to Make it Monday! Did you know that Juliette Gordon Low made the iron gates at her Savannah home? Or that she invented a recyclable trash liner? Channel your inventive, entrepreneurial spirit with Make it Monday! Make some fun tie dye projects or make the original Girl Scout Cookie. Let your mind wonder and make something new.

Tuesday, March 14 - Troop Tuesday

It is Troop Tuesday! Girl Scouts wouldn’t be Girl Scouts without their troop! Take the day to celebrate your troop. Try making SWAPS today and give them to the people in your troop to show them how much you appreciate them! Or, have fun with your favorite Girl Scout tradition and share it with us on social media!

Wednesday, March 15 - Women's Day

Before women had the right to vote, Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts.  She believed in giving girls the opportunity to learn and grow, and to be their own best selves. As a Girl Scout past or present, we celebrate women. Today wear purple - purple has been linked with women's rights ever since the suffragist movement adopted the shade in the early 20th century and is now the color of International Women’s Day. 

Thursday, March 16 - 111 Day

Girl Scouts is turning 111, and we think that is pretty cool! What can you do with the number 111? Can you gather 111 specific items? Maybe it is 111 bouncy balls, or 111 patches. Whatever you decide snap a picture and share it with us via social media!

Friday, March 17 - Girl Scout Spirit Day

Girl Scouts is a one-of-a-kind community! We have each other's backs. Wear your favorite Girl Scout shirt to school, or work, or to play. Wherever you go today, show off your Girl Scout Pride. Share your #GirlScoutPride on social media for the chance to be featured on our channels! 

Saturday, March 18 - Celebrate Girl Scouts Turning 111

Since being founded Girl Scouts and Girl Guides has spread to 146 countries! Today celebrate the Girl Scout Birthday by researching one of the 146 countries Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are in and decorating your Cookie Booth in that theme. Not having a Cookie booth? That is okay! Throw a birthday party instead. Whatever you decide to do, no one can stop you from being the best you can be!


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