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Hooray for Toast-Yay! Patch Challenge

We are challenging our members—girls and adults—to celebrate our new cookie, the Toast-Yay! during the 2021 Cookie Program.

From February 9 through April 30, 2021, girls and adults can celebrate our new cookie and say Hooray for Toast-Yay! to earn a new custom patch. Celebrate by completing 5 of the following activities!

Challenge Activities

All participants should complete 5 of the activities below and submit the the online Hooray For Toast-Yay! Challenge Form by April 30, 2021 to earn the patch. Girls and adults may complete activities as a group, but each girl and adult should only count activities that they participated in. Each participant should fill out the Hooray For Toast-Yay! Challenge Form. When participating in the Toast-Yay! Challenge, please follow all local and CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.

Earn a Family Pin
Attend a Cookie Rally
Try the new Toast-Yay! Cookie
Reach a 2021 Cookie Selling Goal
Make a recipe using a Toast-Yay! Girl Scout Cookie
Donate one box of cookies to Cookie Share program                   
Make the 1922 Original Cookie recipe
Earn one of the new entrepreneur badges
Share a photo selling Girl Scout Cookies
Send 20 emails through Smart Cookies

Activities can also be found on this flyer. After your activities, complete the online  Hooray for Toast-Yay! Challenge Form  to receive your free patch!

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