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For Cookie Volunteers

Without dedicated volunteers like you, our girls would not have the opportunity to take the skills learned during the Girl Scout Cookie Program and turn them into a lifetime of leadership! In thanks for all that you do, use the resources and information below to lead your Girl Scouts in a successful Cookie Program. 

Think of the Cookie Scoop as your encyclopedia to Cookie Program volunteering: it’s here when you need it, but there’s no need to read it all today. Reference the information you need, when you need it.


2023 Important Dates
January 6 Cookie Program Begins!
January 6 First Cookie Merchandise Deadline
January 18 Initial Orders Due from Girls to Troop
January 19 5-Cent Option Form Due for Multi-Level Troops
January 20 Initial Orders Due from Troop to Service Unit
January 23 Initial Orders Due from Service Unit to GSMH
February 3 Second Cookie Merchandise Deadline
February 9-17 Service Unit and Regional Cupboard Initial Cookie Deliveries
February 10 GSMH Cookie Cupboards Open and Direct Sales Begin
February 17-19 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
March 3 Third Cookie Merchandise Order Deadline
March 10 Troop Deposit Due for 1st Electronic Withdrawal
March 15 1st Electronic Withdrawal: 30% of Total Amount Due
March 24 Troop Deposit Due for 2nd Electronic Withdrawal
March 25 Final Day of GSMH Cookie Cupboards
March 26 Cookie Program Ends
March 27 - April 30 Extended Sales Period
March 29 Final Paperwork & Recognition Orders Due from Troop to Service Unit
March 29 2nd Electronic Withdrawal: 30% of Total Amount Due
March 31 Final Paperwork & Recognition Orders Due from Service Unit to GSMH
April 3 Final Cookie Merchandise Order Deadline
April 7 Deadline to Submit Uncollected Funds Report
April 10 Troop Deposit Due for Final Electronic Withdrawal
April 15 Final Electronic Withdrawal of Remaining Balance Due
Cookie Program Forms
Additional Resources

2023 Cookie Program Cookie Cupboards
Check out all the available cookie cupboard locations and hours for your 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

2023 Girl Rewards Flyer
All the fun recognitions your girls can strive for this year. 

2023 Girl Scout Cookie Rally Guide
A guide to help you plan a rally that helps your Girl Scouts refresh their skills for this upcoming Cookie Season. 

2023 Cookie Line Up
Your favorite Girl Scout Cookies are back, with some friends. 

2023 Girl Scout Cookie Allergen Guide
Your guide to all the allergens this year. 

2023 Go Bright Ahead Goal Chart
She can map her goals and go bright ahead with this chart. 

2023 Girl Scout Cookie Merchandise Flyer
Check out all the available merchandise to support your 2023 Cookie Season!

2023 Cookie Booth Tracking Worksheet
Use this worksheet to track Cookie Booth sales and participants.

Raspberry Rally Question and Answers
Customers may have questions about the new Raspberry Rally cookie. Use these tips to help promote the new cookie and answer customer questions.

Access to Smart Cookies

To access Smart Cookies, please click the image below.

gsLearn Troop Cookie Chair Training

 Are you a new troop cookie chair who’d like additional training on the 2023 Cookie Program? Maybe you were unable to attend your service unit cookie training? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. The troop cookie chair training for the 2023 Cookie Season is now available on gsLearn!

 To access, navigate to your Content Library in gsLearn and search for "538 Cookie Chair Training for Volunteers 2023." The training is 78 minutes, but you can stop and start as you need!


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