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Virtual Summer Camp

Summer Camp may look different this year, but our mission is the same. Girl Scout Camp is a second home for Girl Scouts—and that is not changing. That’s why this year we are bringing the outdoors in! Same girl-led, outdoor adventures—but delivered to your front door. Because Summer Camp is not just a place—it’s a leadership-building, friend-meeting, and challenge-seeking experience. Get your girl ready for her next adventure and register for Virtual Summer Camp today!

How does it work? Each week will have a theme that will influence what girls do and what badges they earn. Session times vary depending on grade level. Each session will have two meeting times via Zoom a day—once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. 

Who can attend? All girls! Each grade level will have their own session—with themes like Animal Adventures and STEM Shenanigans! Registration opens June 2. 

Summer Sessions by Grade Level

Daisy: Kindergarten and Grade 1

Week 1: Animal Adventures (7/5-7/10)
Horses, animals, and adventure, oh my! Join us for an animal adventure and learn all about animals as you virtually visit a zoo, a farm, and Fox Run Stables! Girls will make their very own animal sculpture before planning and implementing a take action project to teach others how to care for animals. Girls will work toward the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals Journey.  

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Week 2: Fantastic Fairies (7/12-7/17)
Calling all fairies! Grab your fairy wings and get ready for glitter! Harness your inner fairy to use your senses to make art and music from nature. Then, make a maraca and paint a picture using things from the outdoors while learning about Leave No Trace. Girls will virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables to explore the magic of the relationship between horses and humans. Girls will work toward the Outdoor Art Maker and Eco Learner badges.

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Week 3: Gadgets and Gizmos!  (7/19-7/24)
Grab your gadgets and gizmos, it's time to learn about mechanical engineering. Design, build, and test your own board game and model car. Then, invent even more with “kitchen science” experiments including: soda bottle explosion, ice cream in a bag, magic mud, and bubbly bath fizzies. Girls will work toward the Daisy Mechanical Engineering: Board Game and Model Car badges.

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Week 4: Nature Explorers (7/26-7/31)
We need your help to explore and protect the world around us! Hone your outdoor skills as you protect nature, prepare for outdoor adventures, master Leave No Trace, and more! Girls will build indoor fires, learn knot tying, and create a picture frame from nature as they work toward the Eco Learner and Buddy Camper badges.

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Brownie: Grades 2-3

Week 1: Miss Animal Detective (7/5-7/10)
You’re on the case—the animal case that is! What's that animal called? What's their favorite snack? Dive in and investigate how animals walk, talk, where they live, and what they eat! Girls will virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables, make a fun treat for birds, and explore the life of bugs. Girls will work towards the Pets and Bugs badges.

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Week 2: Imagine This! (7/12-7/17)
Once upon a time, there was a princess with a problem only a Girl Scout could solve! Throughout the week, girls will get creative finding solutions to problems, make music with everyday items, and help some princesses along the way. Girls will virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables to explore the relationship between princesses and their horses. Girls will work towards the Inventor and Eco Friend badges.

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Week 3: Widgets and Whatchamacallits (7/19-7/24)
Are you curious about the world around you? Put your wacky ideas for new inventions to the test! Learn about the engineering design cycle and create your very own fling flyer! Create algorithms, build your own code, meet women in STEM, and make your own galaxies and geodes. Girls will work towards the Mechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer and Coding for Good: Coding Basics badges.

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Week 4: S'more Fun in Nature (7/26-7/31)
Explore the world right outside your window! Adventure is just outside your front door... let's explore it with a backyard hike, watching the sky during day and night, and exploring your own backyard eco-system. Girls will create art on rocks, make a nature journal, and build a fort as they work towards the Outdoor Adventure and Outdoor Art Creator badges.

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Junior: Grades 4-5

Week 1: Habitat Heroines (7/5-7/10)
Save the day and your animal friends! Become a habitat heroine as you explore different animals, their habitats, and how to protect them. Then, dive even more into habitats and make your own animal house! Girls will virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables to learn about the best way to create a healthy environment for horses and how to care for them. Girls will work towards the Animal Habitats and Horseback Riding badges.

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Week 2: Tenacious Time Travelers (7/12-7/17)
Great Girl Scouts! We’ve built a time machine and we’re traveling back in time to become famous women who lived in the 1990s or earlier. Who are you? What do you like? What do you wear? Keep a diary, create art of the time period, design an outfit, and decorate your home as your selected individual! Girls will work towards the Playing in the Past and Social Butterfly badges.  

Week 3: Eye Spy a Mystery (7/19-7/24)
A mystery is afoot! Become a detective to strengthen your observation skills by investigating clues to solve the virtual summer camp mystery! Follow the clues, learn about and create invisible ink, create and use secret codes, and practice more investigative skills! Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery? Girls will work towards the Detective and Cybersecurity Investigator badges.

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Week 4: Campfires and Flowers (7/26-7/31)
Outdoor survival skills can be found anywhere—even your backyard. Learn basic outdoor skills like fire building, campfire cooking, and other camping basics. Then, explore nature by planting a flower and watching it grow! Girls will make their own fire starters and learn to tie knots as they work towards the Camper and Flower badges. 

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Cadette: Grades 6-8

Week 1: Critters and Crawlers (7/5-7/10)
Do you love everything that crawls, flies, slithers, and trots? Then this session is for you! Learn all about animals, their behavior, and their relationship with humans. Identify animal tracks, create animal toys, discover the mysteries of the animal kingdom, and so much more! Girls will virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables to learn the benefits of and what it takes to own a horse. Girls will work towards the Animal Helpers and Science of Happiness badges. 

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Week 2: Tri-Wizard Champions (7/12-7/17)
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Join us to be sorted into houses and compete for the House Cup! Create potions, design your house pennant, learn Defense Against the Dark Arts, and compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament! Girls will work toward the Outdoor Art Apprentice and Good Sportsmanship badges.

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Week 3: Mission: Girl Possible (7/19-7/24)
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to become a secret agent! In this Secret Agent training, learn all the skills needed to solve a mystery. Learn how to utilize chromatography, tell if someone is lying, read body language, sketch a suspect, and collect fingerprints from a crime scene. Girls will work towards the Special Agent and Coding for Good: Coding Basics badges.

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Week 4: Wild in the Wilderness (7/26-7/31)
It’s time to take the challenge! For this session, you will test yourself to see if you can survive in the wilderness and prepare for basic survival. Master essential outdoor skills like how to identify plants, create an emergency shelter, purify water, and so much more! Girls will work towards the Trees and Primitive Camper badges.

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Senior/Ambassador: Grades 9-12

Week 1: Animal Advocates (7/5-7/10)
Raise your voice and speak up for animals! Do you ever wish your animals had a voice? Learn about animal rights, animals in entertainment, and how to help them. Then, virtually visit the horses at Fox Run Stables to learn how horses communicate with their owners and how horses can help humans! By the end of the week, girls will make their own public service announcement and be the voice for animals. Girls will work towards the Senior Voice for Animals and Ambassador Eco Advocate badges.

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Week 2: Expecto Patronum!  (7/12-7/17)
You're a wizard, camper! Join us to capture a golden snitch, attend a potions class to concoct a potion, master the skill of the quill, and cast the Patronus Charm. Girls will work toward the Senior Outdoor Art Expert or Ambassador Outdoor Art Master badge.

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Week 3: Engineering for Good (7/19-7/24)
Jump into the world of engineering and change the world! Practice the engineering design cycle and dream up inventions that will help people, animals, the environment, and your community! Girls will combine engineering and art to work towards the Think Like an Engineer Journey.

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Week 4: Sky and Water Warriors (7/26-7/31)
Dive in and learn all about the water and sky around you! There are problems with our water and skies—and you’re here to fix it. Girls will even get handy and build their own Solar Oven, hone their fire building skills, make a creation out of duct tape, and much more! Girls will gain essential outdoor skills as they work towards the Sky and Water badges.

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Summer Camp Care Packages

Want to send your camper a little extra something? We are offering pre-order care packages! It's easy. All you need to do is order online and we will put your package together and deliver it to your camper! 

The Happy Camper Care Package

Designed with Daisy and Brownie campers in mind, the Happy Camper Care Package is priced at $19.99 and includes:

  • “Eat, Sleep, Camp” Pillowcase that can be tie-dyed
  • Backpack Charm
  • GSMH Camp Lanyard
  • Summer Camp Postcard
  • DIY Butterfly Kit 
  • GSMH Camp Turbo Fan
The Adventurer Care Package

Designed with Junior and Cadette campers in mind, the Adventurer Care Package is priced at $19.99 and includes:

  • “Eat, Sleep, Camp” Pillowcase that can be tie-dyed
  • GSMH “Camping Kind of Girl” Lanyard
  • Lip Balm
  • Camp Backpack Charm
  • GSMH Camp Turbo Fan
  • Summer Camp Postcard
Camper's Delight Care Package

Designed with Senior and Ambassador campers in mind, the Camper's Delight Care Package is priced at $19.99 and includes:

  • “Eat. Sleep, Camp” Pillowcase that can be tie-dyed
  • GSMH “Camping Kind of Girl” Camp Lanyard
  • Trefoil Carabiner Key Fob
  • Trefoil Tech Mirror
  • “Bite Me Not” repel wristband

Virtual Summer Camp FAQs

Who can attend virtual summer camp?

All girls ages 5-18 are invited to attend Virtual Girl Scout Summer Camp. Units are based on Girl Scout grade level and we encourage girls to be in the unit for the grade they will be in Fall 2020. Girls can always register for a younger level unit, but not an older one. 

  • Daisy: Kindergarten and Grade 1
  • Brownie: Grades 2-3
  • Junior: Grades 4-5
  • Cadette: Grades 6-8
  • Senior/Ambassador: Grades 9-12

Girls must be a registered Girl Scout for the current membership year. Not a current Girl Scout? No worries! You can register for $84, which includes a Girl Scout membership.

When is virtual summer camp?

During the month of July, we are offering four weeks of Virtual Summer Camp, each with their own theme! 

  • Week 1: July 5-10 - Animal Adventures
  • Week 2: July 12-17 - Let's Get Creative!
  • Week 3: July 19-24 - STEM Shenanigans
  • Week 4: July 26-31 - Outdoor Skills and Adventure

The registration deadline for a Virtual Summer Camp session is approximately two weeks prior to the start of the session. These deadlines allow time for activity supplies to be ordered, packaged, and mailed to the girl prior to their session. The price of these activity supply boxes are included in the registration fee. 

How much does a session cost?

One session costs $59 for current Girl Scouts. This registration fee includes a unique “S’more Fun” patch to commemorate this unique summer and a box of required activity supplies delivered to your front door!

New Girl Scouts can join us for $84 per session, which includes a Girl Scout membership. A non-refundable deposit of $29 is required to register for Virtual Summer Camp.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Virtual Summer Camp Financial Assistance Requests can be completed online only.

To apply for financial assistance, the non-refundable deposit of $29 is required to hold a place in the camp session prior to the submission of this form. If you have not done this, please register for your session prior to completing this request. Once the approved amount of financial assistance is applied, you will be contacted to pay the remaining fee (if any).


Requests must be submitted 4 business days prior to your desired camp session registration deadline. Financial Assistance does not cover the non-refundable deposit and will only be granted to girls actively participating in or new to Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland. Please fill out this form accurately and provide any pertinent information you wish to share.

What supplies will my girl need for her session?

Virtual summer camp will be delivered to your front door! This includes a box of most activity supplies needed for her entire session.

There will be a confirmation letter sent out for each camp session that includes items that will be provided in the activity supply box being mailed to each girl (included in registration fee) and a list of items girls will need that will not be provided. Items that may not be included in the activity supply box could include, but are not limited to, scissors, perishable food items, etc. Confirmation letters will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the start of the session to give ample time to collect materials needed.

Girls will also need reliable internet and technology able to connect to the Zoom online platform (most laptops, smartphones, or iPads will work).

What is the time commitment?

We are offering week-long sessions that run from Sunday evening through Friday evening. There are 1-2 live sessions per day with a total of 11-16 hours of live online programming where girls will meet with their unit and camp staff leaders for activities. There will also be activities to keep girls engaged when not online. We invite family to attend the opening and closing ceremonies each week on Sunday and Friday evening.

Can adults or other family members attend?

You will need to register each Girl Scout in your household for the virtual summer camp sessions they will be attending, as a box of activity supplies will be mailed with the materials needed per girl.

A majority of activities are developed for girls to be able to complete on their own. However, for some activities for the younger girls, in-person adult supervision is suggested. These activities will be identified in the confirmation letters.

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