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Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge

Get outside, have fun, earn a patch.

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate our love of the great outdoors. You have so many options for how to explore—from your window, a campsite, the sidewalk, or an open trail. Based on your grade level, complete the required number of activities to earn an awesome new patch.

The challenge ends with Girl Scouts Love State Parks Weekend, September 10 and 11, 2022. Let’s go!

Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge Worksheet (PDF)

Explore More Outdoor Activities

See the Colors of Nature - Daisies can make a colorful painting outdoors.

Plan a Camping Trip - Brownies can talk to someone who has experience with cabin camping.

Get Cooking in the Outdoors - Juniors can plan meals with a Pizza Box Solar Cooker.

Make a Difference After Eko Trek - Cadettes can create a short documentary about your eco trek.

Make a Watershed Model - Seniors can explore why watersheds are important and create a model to understand how they work.

Become an Advocate for the Environment - Ambassadors can learn about a local issue in nature and how to be an advocate for it.

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We're here to make sure our members have amazing outdoor adventures. Contact us with any questions!