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At Girl Scouts, we believe the value of the outdoor experience in a girl's life is beyond measure. When a girl spends time in nature she learns cooperation and team building as she develops the skills needed to grow into a leader of courage, confidence, and character.

Service Unit Day Camp

Camping by day, usually lasting three to five days coordinated by the service unit, which are dedicated volunteers. Each Service Unit Day Camp handles registration independently. They plan and carry out the activities. Any registered Girl Scout may attend. You can find a service unit day camp in your area by contacting our Outdoor Program Specialist.

Service Unit Day Camps are held at GSMH Program Centers and community locations throughout the council. These fun, enriching, day camps allow girls to extend their Girl Scout experience into the summer months and often offer leadership opportunities for older girls.

Service Unit Day Camp Training

This training is required for all Service Units implementing Day Camp. This course is offered on request by contacting our Outdoor Program Specialist

Summer Camp

The thrill of outdoor adventure is around every corner at Girl Scout Summer Camp! From zipping through the trees to canoeing on the lake, girls grow more comfortable and confident in an outdoor setting each day. Girl Scout Summer Camp is just the right amount of organized program periods, exhilarating escapades and free time to explore the creeks and hills, write a letter home or just hang out with friends.

Summer Camp offers a range of day to overnight camping experiences. Summer Camp offers traditional camping options, as well as specialty camps. During their stay at a Girl Scout Summer Camp, participants learn perseverance, teamwork and self-discovery in a supportive environment.

Each summer, Summer Camp opportunities are offered at Program Centers Cherokee Ridge, Finbrooke, Latonka, and Mintahama during the months of June and July. 


Troop and Service Unit Camp

Troop & Service Unit Camp is a year-round opportunity for girls in troops to grow, learn and experience camping with their group of friends. Troops & Service Units have access to everything our program centers have to offer, including the addition of Outdoor Adventure Programs On Request.

Whether troops and service units come for the day or spend the weekend they have the independence and freedom to plan their own programs, meals and supplies.

Troop Camp Training

At Troop Camp, girls come together and explore the outdoors, develop leadership skills and make memories with their friends. Adults who want to make this opportunity possible for girls can gain the necessary skills at GSMH Outdoor Level Trainings.

GSMH Outdoor Training Progression

Outdoor Level 1 – This home study certifies you to take girls on day outings and backyard camping!

Outdoor Level 2 – This in-person training certifies you to take your girls cabin camping at one of GSMH’s program centers. A test-out option is available for experience campers.

Outdoor Level 3 – This in-person overnight training certifies you to take your girls tent camping at one of GSMH’s program centers, or camping at an established campsite beyond a GSMH program center. A test-out option is available for experience campers.

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Troop & Service Unit Camp Reservation

You can reserve our camp facilities for your troop or group in fall, winter, or spring! Check out our program centers to see which one is perfect for your next Outdoor Adventure Program!


Outdoor Adventure Programs

Let us help you plan your activities! Adventure opportunities available include:

  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Challenge course high ropes
  • Challenge course low ropes
  • Climbing tower
  • Zipline
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Team building games

Not all opportunities are available at every program center. Please see the Outdoor Adventure Request Guidelines and complete the Outdoor Adventure Program Request form and we will provide a certified facilitator for your outdoor adventure.

Venture Out!

Learn practical tips and tricks, read other volunteers’ stories, and explore the joys of taking girls outside with Venture Out!, a fun, interactive “outdoor” adventure made possible by GSUSA’s Elliott Wildlife Values Project.

Outdoor Videos

Learn new ideas for having fun with girls in outdoors! These outdoor skill-building videos were designed especially for new volunteers taking troops camping for the first time: 

  • Step By Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
  • Taking the Journeys Outside
  • Planning Your Troop's First Campout


  • Introduction of Campsite Setup


  • Introduction to Cooking Outdoors


  • How to Leave No Trace Outdoors


  • Introduction to Firebuilding
  • Outdoor Songs and Games
Outdoor Journeys and Badges

Girl Scouts of the USA’s Outdoor Journeys and Badges are the newest way for girls to explore their world.

Outdoor Journey

Anchored by the Troop Camping badge, our new Outdoor Journey will strengthen girls’ outdoor skills and ignite their interest in environmental stewardship. Girls will also complete a Take Action project.

Outdoor Badges

Girls’ Choice | Troop Camping: Get ready for fun, adventure, and challenge in the great outdoors with your troop.

Girls’ Choice | Arts in the Outdoors: Girls get outside and explore colors, shapes, light, and shadow as they create art inspired by the natural world.

Girls’ Choice | Outdoor Exploration: These were made for the awesome adventure seeker, team builder and problem solver! It’s the newest way for girls to explore their world.

For more information on these badges, visit the Girl Scout Shop.


Every girl will find a GSMH camp that's as awesome as she is—whatever her interests, age, or level of outdoor experience. Contact us to get started!