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R.O.S.E. - Registration Online Simple and Easy!

ROSE is our online registration system. With ROSE, you have the ability to register yourself, your girls, or your troop for council events online! All council events can be found on ROSE. And, you can quickly and easily see your event history along with your membership history. Sign up for program sessions, trainings, and more!

Don't forget that ROSE is still the best, quickest, most accurate way to renew Girl Scout memberships for your family and troop members using the simple Family Manager and Troop Management tools. No more logging in and out of each girl's online account. Take care of memberships, and event registrations, all at one time!

Early Bird registration is now open for the 2017-2018 membership year. Online registration runs April 1-April 30. 

Register Online with ROSE today!

ROSE: Frequently Asked Questions

General Registration Questions 

Who is able to renew online?

All girls and adults registered in 2016-2017 who have a valid email address in the membership software (Personify) will be able to activate an account and create a user name and password. An account is needed for each Girl Scout member. For example, a parent of two Girl Scout members will need to create two ROSE accounts (one for each girl), and a third for herself if she wishes to have an adult membership.

Parents and guardians may renew membership for girls. When activating an account for a girl member, the girl's first name, last name and parent/guardian email may be used.

The email address must be recorded on the Girl Scout member's record before an account can be activated. The email address is used in the activation process, to verify that the owner/guardian of the record is the person activating the account. To ensure this security, account activation is a multi-step process. Account activation only needs to be done once.

Those wishing to pay with a check, those requesting financial assistance, girls graduating from high school and becoming adult Girl Scout members will continue to use paper registration forms.

Can a graduating senior pay for a lifetime membership using ROSE?

At this time a graduating senior cannot use ROSE to purchase their lifetime membership at the special discounted rate. They will need to use a paper registration form.

What payment methods are accepted for online membership renewal?

Credit and debit cards are accepted. Check, cash and financial assistance applications require use of a paper registration form.

What can a parent/guardian do when renewing a girl and/or adult registration?

  • Update demographic and contact information
  • Make a donation directly to GSMH
  • Pay for the membership and the donation
  • Print a membership card for the current membership year

 I (or my daughter) just registered online and became a new member. What can I (she) expect now?

You can expect a welcome confirmation email and a follow-up communication from one of our membership staff.

General Account Questions

Is a separate logon required for each person?

Yes. Each individual must have a unique user name and password to access her/his account, renew a membership, and make a donation. The logon is linked to an individual's customer account. back

I can't remember my username and/or password.

Use the links on the login page, Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? For assistance please contact the ROSE Helpdesk

I am trying to create an account and the message says "Customer Not Found."

Do not continue to try to enter the system or create a new customer. The system was unable to match your first name, last name, and email address to any record in the database. Please contact the ROSE Helpdesk.

I clicked on the link that was sent to activate my account and I received an error message.

The link to activate your account is very long and some email clients break it to fit their character count. Please copy and paste both parts of the link, in order, into your web browser. This will take you to the proper page to finish your online membership renewal.

When entering my address, I received an error message which contains "non-USPS validated address", what does this mean?

The council database does not have what you entered for your address as a valid United States Postal System address. The system will not allow you to continue until this is corrected. Confirm the proper spelling of your address (also try spelling out abbreviations such as "Street" instead of "ST" and "North" instead of "N").

If the system will still not accept your address, please contact the ROSE Helpdesk.

Troop Management Questions

What are the benefits of online troop management for troop leaders?

  • Know who’s registered in the troop and who’s not
  • Email parents (the email address is “from” the leader)
  • Print rosters
  • Update girls’ and parents’ contact information
  • Update troop meeting information
  • Print membership cards for girl and adult members

Who has access to online troop management?

Access to online troop management is by troop. Only troop leaders with a 01 position code have specific troop have access to online troop management for that troop. If a troop leader has more than one troop, she must have a 01 position code on record for each troop in order to have access to online troop management for all her troops.

How do I update troop meeting information?

  1. Login to your Online Registration account. Click on Troop Management found on the left side.
  2. Click on Meeting Information link.
  3. Provide/update the information from the drop down menus or enter information.
  4. Save changes.

What information can leaders see in Troop Management?

The leader can see each individual’s registration status and the information that is contained on a membership registration form: parent/guardian contact information, grade, school, age, Girl Scout history, custodial care, racial/ethnic background.

I just added my 01 position but I don't have access to Troop Management. Why?

When an adult adds a position from their My Account page, the status is "pending" until approved by GSMH staff. It usually takes no longer than two business day before we approve your position. If you add your position on a Friday night, however, the position will not be active until the following Tuesday. In some circumstances, where you are new to the position or additional approvals are needed, additional time may be required.

Can more than one adult be listed as the “01” for a troop?

Yes, a troop can have multiple 01s associated with the troop.