I'm a New Troop Leader


Thank you for becoming a Girl Scout volunteer. Here are the steps to start a new troop. Contact a membership marketing specialist for assistance.



1. Fill out and return Volunteer Application with 2 references.

2. Take the Girl Scouts 101 Training 

Choose “GS101”
Password: aboutGS101


3.  Talk to other parents to see who else might be interested in helping with the troop.


After background check is cleared:


  • Set date for New Leader Orientation with your staff membership specialist or volunteer service unit orientation trainer.
  • Plan a parent information meeting (either after school or early evening.)
  • If you have 2 leaders and 3 girls, you are ready to go. Your membership marketing specialist will give you your troop number and any other information you will need to get started.
  • Open a troop bank account using the council’s tax ID number. The account name must include your troop’s 5-digit number. Remember that when setting up your bank account, you need 3 unrelated, background cleared, registered adults. The forms you need are on the Leadership Essentials CD or can be found in the forms and resources library.
  • Check out your Leadership Essentials CD  it includes forms, safety activity checkpoints, and lots of helpful volunteer information.
  • Sign up to receive council e-blasts and volunteer newsletters.
  • Make sure you are getting emails from your service unit team manager. If you aren’t, ask your membership marketing specialist to put you in contact with your service unit team manager.
  • Plan to attend your service unit meetings; it will keep you better connected to Girl Scout news, information, and events.


Training you will need within six months of appointment:

  • Orientation
  • CPR/First-Aid/AED* 

    *Because emergencies require prompt action and quick judgment, Girl Scouts recommend that at least one adult volunteer be first-aid/CPR certified. 

  • Register for any additional training as needed:
  • Basic Outdoor Skills (required for one-day outings, backyard or cabin camping at a council program center)
  • Basic Troop Camping (required for camping at an established campsite; pre-requisite: Basic Outdoor Skills and sufficient time to practice skills)